Disposable Towels Thickness per 100 units

Disposable Towels Thickness per 100 units

Thick Disposable Towels per 100 units

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k-colors pigments Blue Marine 250 ml

K-Color is a highly powerful direct coloring system to instantly create dynamic color effects and to change your look whenever you want. Simple and fast, thanks to the absence of oxygenated and ammonium water, it allows impeccable and professional results. With K-Color it is possible to achieve a real 'blush' effect and immediately have more beautiful and radiant hair. It is the ideal product to hide the first white hair, reduce the tedious "regrowth effect", give tone to strands and swept hair and achieve color effects of hair look trends.

K-Color offers 21 shades for extravagant tastes and for the creativity of the hairdresser; luminous gradations of chestnut, intense blondes, flamboyant and refined reds, cooler colors that allow "space" effects by offering the hair all the shades of galaxies. The choice of hair trends is very rich and with K-Color it is possible to achieve all the most extravagant looks: from galaxy hair (multi-tone hair) to rainbow roots (colored roots), from split-dyed hair (the color half) to hair countouring (the technique that targets to define the lineaments of the face by creating lights and shadows on the hair).

If one decides to choose K-Color coloring, one chooses to: • color the hair effortlessly, with simplicity and ease of application • correct a reflection to obtain the desired shade • revive the color without modifying or weighing it down • achieve the most eccentric and extravagant trends for a glamorous look

It is offered as a coloring, but many hairdressers use it as: • nourishing wrap on stressed, damaged hair, which does not hold the blow dry and does not absorb the color • give shine to an extinct color and offer very natural light effects • eliminate yellow tones from gray or white hair.

Its formula, extremely delicate, gives the hair a bright and uniform color from the root to the tips. It is applied directly and has a duration of about 8-10 shampoos. Directions for use: wash and dab the hair well; apply the product evenly; leave in place 5-20 minutes (to increase the intensity of the color it is advisable to use a heat source or increase the installation time to 2030 minutes); rinse thoroughly with warm water and style your hair.

Technical advice: it is advisable to apply the color on hair with tone 9-10 (to obtain it it is possible to lighten the hair with the bleach in cream or powder); to obtain pastel colors it is advisable to loosen the shades with the Neutral by checking the tones obtained by brushing with a paper; to obtain reflections or revive colors.


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