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DELUXE BEAUTE Coiffure Distribution imported the first shampoos (TAKE CARE) without SLS/SLES (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate/Sodium laureth Sulfate) in France in November 2008 "A Revolution" for the well being of hair and scalp.

Avoid using shampoos that contain SLS/SLES

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES ) are surfactants and therefore chemical substances capable of decreasing the surface tension of water, allowing it to remove, with greater efficiency, the fat and impurities accumulated on the skin and hair.
SLS and SLES are also foaming agents. However, their high foaming power can irritate the skin and eyes.
SLS and SLES are aggressive surfactants that, with frequent use, are harmful to the skin and can even damage the follicle.
The above-mentioned risks are caused by the use of a detergent formulated with Sodium Laury Sulfate, which alters the hydro-acid-lipidic mantle of the epidermis. The PH becomes alkaline (7-8), taking 4 to 12 hours to recover its natural balance. Moreover, SLS and SLES can be absorbed through the skin, remaining in our tissues and/or blood for about 5 days. The degree of toxicity of these substances depends on the doses absorbed and the duration of absorption.

Not to mention that these SLS/SLES also alter the coloring, Brazilian, Korean and Japanese straightening, Taninoplasty.

here is the list of SLS/SLES/ALS/DLS

Here is a bible of ingredients see chapter 6

All shampoos and care products ACTYVA and SOLFINE Care guarantee maximum longevity for your hair straightening! (Brazilian, Korean, Japanese, Cystemax, Taninoplasty)

Our shampoos use the foaming ingredient SODIUM C14-C16 OLEFIN SULFONATE since 2008, an extraordinary ingredient.

Here is the description of SODIUM C14-C16 OLEFIN SULFONATE (cleansing tenside, free of any contaminant, irritant or allergen, without any DETERGEANT, easily biodegradable. Its synthesis (combination) does not use any SOLVENT, its only manufacturing RESIDUE is WATER.

We therefore strongly recommend our products for the maintenance of all your smoothing and whatever they are!

Moreover, for people who do not make smoothing, you can use these same products ACTYVA in all confidence!

Regarding hair accessories for your hair: opt for hair items patented and tested by ISTEC-CNR (Institute of Science and Technology of Ceramic Materials - National Research Center)

Thanks to its patent and certifications, CERAMIK Antibacteric takes care of your hair with the ORIGINAL CAPILLAIRE CERAMIC


With ACTYVA we seek to create the perfect combination of tradition and innovation to bring together all the functionalities of science and the softness of nature. The synergic action of technologically advanced raw materials and natural ingredients, guarantees the maximum effectiveness and tolerability of the treatments.


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