The companyDELUXE BEAUTE exists since 2006, specialized in the import of Italian hair accessories and products of very high quality patented and certified, for professionals and the general public.

DELUXE BEAUTE imports since 2006 the Italian brand CERAMIK The Original (accessories and professional hairdressing equipment patented and certified by ISTEC-CNR (Institute of Science and Technology of Ceramic Materials - National Research Center), CERAMIK tools bring comfort to hairdressers, without thermal shocks the hair reacts much better, it is easier to work, CERAMIK Takes care of the hair even in daily use)

In 2008 DELUXE BEAUTE imported the first SLS/SLES-free Professional shampoos in France under the Mood Cosmetic (TAKE CARE) brand, which became SOL.FINE CARE

In 2010 DELUXE BEAUTE Imported the first PPD-free coloring SOL.FINE Natural Color

IN 2012 DELUXE BEAUTE opened a new concept in Paris (HAIR CONCEPT STORE - DELUXE BEAUTE Paris) 200 m² of Italian hair madness for professionals and the general public, as well as the first hair salon CARLA MORRI COIFFURE Paris. www.carlamorri.fr

In 2013 Diversification of our sales networks in addition to the professional hairdressing sector with the arrival of new products for pharmacies and parapharmacies, Organic & Natural Store

In 2014 DELUXE BEAUTE Imports the Group's very high-end Italian brandACTYVA without SLS/SLESKemon Spa, Deluxe Beauty to Choose The brand ACTYVA (the line between science and nature) because the origin of TAKE CARE's SLS/SLES-free shampoos comes from the ACTYVA brand.

ACTYVA is very high-end but is also very accessible

DELUXE BEAUTE by its ethics and philosophy is specialized in certified hair ceramics, also in shampoos without SLS/SLES

Our mission : To distribute high quality products at affordable prices that offer real technologies and results!

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