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This brush in real CAPILLARY Ceramic (Original model) is an essential element for a good blow dry. It guarantees a regular, optimal and gentle diffusion of heat on your hair. By avoiding any thermal shock, your hair is not attacked, even in case of repeated blow drying.

Duration: 24 months minimum hairdresser - 10 years individual

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CERAMIK ANTIBACTERIC NATURAL brushes are the product of innovative technology. Indeed, a special ceramic application is affixed to the roller thanks to a technological process called "modeling". The aerospace industry uses this same process for different types of structures such as aircraft turbines, satellite coatings and space shuttles Shuttle and Soyuz, but also for more sophisticated uses.

("Ceramik Coating" modeling technology system: ceramic silicon particles are applied using laser technology to the brush tube)

Patent number VA2000U000001 of 14/01/2000 filed with the Italian Patent Society. Registered trademark. " CERAMIK " n° VA 2000/C/0005 with the Italian Patent Society on 18/01/2000.

All our CERAMIK Antibacteric brushes are tested by ISTEC-CNR (Institute of Science and Technology of Ceramic Materials - National Research Center in Italy)

The hair ceramic roller "CERAMIK Antibacteric NATURAL" allows hairdressers not to suffer thermal shocks, which allows the hair to react better and be easier to work. THE ORIGINAL HAIR CERAMIC BRUSH "CERAMIK Antibacteric NATURAL" does not offer a roller in IRON or PLASTIC PAINT!

The main properties of ceramics:

•Ceramics is a noble mineral.

•Ceramic is not an electrostatic or electrical conductor.

•Ceramics have a great power of heat dissipation.

•Ceramics have a defined and stable molecular structure.

•Ceramics have a longer lifespan than base metals. .

In the hairdressing sector, CERAMIK ANTIBACTERIC NATURAL has exploited the properties of this material and studied its advantages. Ceramic acts on the hair shaft in a very natural way: its molecules act like a comb on the scale of the hair that closes in contact with the material. Immediately, an advantage is visible: the light effect for an exalted hair.

Ceramic is not a conductor of energy. This avoids the "rebellious hair" effect due to the electrostatic energy that is produced during the rolling phase of the brush. On the roller, the ceramic exerts its heat dissipation action in an exemplary way.

The roller of traditional brushes concentrates heat on a single point, excessively increasing the temperature and causing a "thermal shock" that damages the structure of the rod. On the contrary, the patented CERAMIK ANTIBACTERIC NATURAL roller distributes heat evenly (without loss) avoiding the stress of extreme temperature on the hair structure.

The handle of the brush is made of natural ash wood stained black "non-toxic pigment", fsc certified "Forest Stewardship Council", international organization that deals with controlling products created with wood from forests managed correctly and responsibly, according to rigorous environmental, social and economic criteria.

Patented Ceramic Application: On all CERAMIK ANTIBACTERIC NATURAL brushes, a layer of ceramic silicon with a thickness of 8/10 microns is applied using a patented "modeling" process. It has a light gray appearance and its touch is porous.

The material used for the roll is an aluminum alloy compound with a thickness of 1.00 mm. The new Ceramik Antibacteric brushes are composed of several high-tech elements. They are the result of the research of the "Tek Study Center" which combines the previous technological research on the CERAMIK THE ORIGINAL brush and the development of a new generation silk reinforced by an antibacterial power.

FSC certified wood
Black Antibacterial Nylon
Brush Roller
ISTEC-CNR certified Hair Ceramic
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