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ACTYVA The boundary between science and nature


Essences are a gift from the plant world, stored as tiny droplets in fruits, buds, leaves, roots and wood. (Brand book ACTYVA, San Giustino 1978).
Born in Umbria, on the hills of the Upper Tiber Valley, ACTYVA is an exclusive haircare line for hairdressers, with high-end quality treatments and services, to grow and stand out on the market. Today, as in 1978, ACTYVA harmonizes science and nature in the service of beauty, in the continuous search for a perfect synergy between natural ingredients and technologically advanced raw materials. The story of a success that continues and renews itself. Over the years and with fifty years of Kemon's experience in the professional hairdressing market, ACTYVA is now a global line, present in the most prestigious salons of more than 15 countries in the world.


Actyva uses more than 40 ingredients of natural origin, which combined with the effectiveness of the latest findings in cosmetic research ensure immediately visible results, while respecting the scalp, hair and the environment. Our laboratories are constantly looking for alternative and innovative raw materials, to develop ever more sustainable products that guarantee the same high performance.

BEAUTY AND WELL-BEING Healthy scalp and hair are the essence of every woman's natural beauty. That's why our professional treatments have been designed to enhance the beauty of the hair and maintain the health of the scalp. Our products, entrusted to expert hands, are transformed into unique rituals of beauty and well-being.

IMMEDIATE EFFICIENCY The ACTYVA products are formulated with the utmost delicacy and guarantee immediately visible results. Thanks to the high quality and their personalization, treatment after treatment the hair regains its natural splendor.

SIMPLICITY Each line is identified by a color code that is easy to find. His name immediately communicates the result and the objective to be achieved. Segmentation has been studied in an essential way, with a limited number of products that facilitate communication and proposal.

MADE IN ITALY ACTYVA is a line designed, studied and produced in Italy. Made in Italy is a distinctive element that we import abroad with pride: all our products, since 1978, have been made in Kemon's historic factory in San Giustino, Umbria, the green heart of Italy.

DEDICATED TO TRADE FAIRS The hairdresser is an artist and in his hands our products come to life. ACTYVA has been designed for use and distribution specifically dedicated to salons, to guarantee real support to hairdressers, supporting their professionalism and credibility.


LOVE NATURE is a certification linked to specific specifications that Kemon has decided to impose on itself to preserve the environment and the health of consumers.

A long list of ingredients*, which can be used in cosmetics, but which we have decided to eliminate from our products, because they are suspected of posing a risk to the environment or the health of users.

Icea, a world-renowned reference body, guarantees compliance with this certification through regular audits.

In the ingredients and the entire production cycle of the products ACTYVA no raw materials, coadjuvants and auxiliaries of manufactures of animal origin and derived from GMOs are used.

The new packaging, bottles and tubes are made of recyclable Green PE. An innovative material not from oil but from sugar cane produced in Brazil, in controlled areas located far from the Amazon rainforest. The raw material, unlike oil, is renewable and the polymer obtained has a very favorable environmental impact, which helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

On the packaging of the products concerned are mentioned the brands that identify the ICEA Vegan, Love Nature and I'm green certifications that attest to the percentage of biolpolymer used. Thanks to a QR Code it is possible to access all the information concerning the certifications of our products and the attention we pay to their development.

Ammonia-free, Ammonium Lauryl Ether Sulfate, Formaldehyde, Grapefruit Seed Extract, HFC 152A aerosol, ingredients from sacrificed animals, Methylchloroisothiazolinone and Methylisothiazolinone, Methylene Glycol, Nanomaterials, Parabenes, Paraphenylenediamine Derivatives, Petrolatum, Paraffin Oils and Waxes, (PE/PP/PET/PMMA/Nylon) Microparticles, Retinol, SLES, SLS.

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