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VISION: Moving towards simplicity

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VISION: Moving towards simplicity

Not tested on animals
Shampoos without SLS/SLES (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate/Sodium Laureth Sulfate)
Extreme Care
For all types of chemically modified hair
(Colorations, wicks, Smoothing)
Exclusive aromas

SOL.FINE CARE: The Natural Green vocation of SOL products. FINE characterizes the entire Care line. Extracts of natural origin are mixed with surfactants, emollients and stimulants of the latest generation for an effective and cosmetic action for a greater respect for the skin and hair.

SOL.FINE CARE was born as a unique original brand: through its philosophy, its rituals and in the spirit of advanced treatments, all intended for well-being.

SOL.FINE CARE does not contain aggressive surfactants, which, after frequent use, can damage the skin and follicle.

Sol.fine Thanks to a delicate formulation with anionic and amphoteric surfactants of the latest generation, Sol.fine products wash thoroughly.

The anionic surfactant has the duty to clean thoroughly by removing excess dirt and sebum, the amphoteric surfactant cleans delicately, because it is very well tolerated by the skin. Thanks to its foaming characteristics, it manages to clean by generating a rich and non-irritating cosmetic foam, promoting the suspension of dirt and sebum that will be removed with rinsing.

SOL.FINE CARE is "The brand" of shampoo without SLS / SLES and care compatible with all kinds of smoothing whatever it is (Brazilian smoothing, Korean and Japanese smoothing) in maintenance, because it avoids eliminating the effect of smoothing by respecting the keratin fiber. (No chemical shock) Also suitable for all technical transformations. (Coloring, permanent...) The range of SOL.FINE Care products is unique thanks to exclusive aromas: a pleasant feeling of well-being passes through effective products, but also sweet notes of perfume.

SOL.FINE CARE is a Contemporary brand of great simplicity, which corresponds to all the requirements of hair (natural, colored, damaged, curly, fine, as well as scalp, hair loss, dandruff, excess sebum) with little reference "QUALITY / EFFICIENCY", the precision of the formulas causes a new well-being for your hair and becomes a real need in everyday life.

Sol.fine is a lifestyle.

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